Authentic Mexican Food in Vancouver

Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine, handmade according to time-honored traditions.

We are honored to share our authentic Mexican food and traditions with you. We have proudly been providing a quality eating experience to Vancouver Lower Mainland people for over 15 years. We are locally family owned and operated business, and growing rapidly and servicing now other provinces of Canada as far as Ontario.

Supplier of Corn Tortillas and Much More

We were the pioneers in British Columbia in the manufacture of Mexican products such as tortilla, tortilla chips, tamales, cheese and salsas. We take pride in our service and in producing nothing but the highest quality tortillas – using only premium grade flour, corn and ingredients.

In our restaurant over the years we have dedicated ourselves to creating dishes with only the freshest ingredients. We don’t just make Mexican food, we make the most Authentic Mexican Food just like how it’s made in the kitchen at home; with lots of love and care. This gives our patrons a dining experience that is unique and fills not only your stomach but your soul.