5 Other Foods to Eat with Salsa

Other Foods to Eat with Salsa

Salsa is one of the most commonly found “pantry condiments” in North America. This of course is because the popularity of Mexican cuisine (in all of its forms, Tex-Mex hybrid or otherwise) continues to be on the rise, especially here in the Greater Vancouver area. That being said, too often that glass jar of salsa is regulated to the back corner cupboard, not seeing the light of day until your dining room table has called for the family’s favorite Mexican dish. We’re here to tell you that you need not wait until Taco-Tuesday (and the like) to take out and enjoy your salsas. There are many ways to use salsa with everyday foods that you may not have anticipated. Read further to forever alter the taste of common household dishes with an added kick of authentic Mexican salsa!

Five Ways to Use Salsa with Everyday Food Found Around Your Household’s Kitchen

1. Meatloaf (inside and out)

Meatloaf is the old standby when it comes to making a family meal that can practically carry a household through the week. That being said, no matter how many glowing reviews your critics (kids, spouse, in-laws) provide, they may very well be being polite when it comes to dropping the word “yummy” after they’ve had it for the third or fourth time in one month. We can guarantee that they won’t protest if you change the game by adding a new ingredient to the meatloaf mix – salsa! By adding salsa to your ground concoction of beef, herbs, and spices you provide your traditional dish with a fresh and tangy punch that will go positively noticed by your salivating “guests”. Don’t want to mess with the core of your grandmother’s original recipe? Then simple add healthy layer salsa as a topping to your traditional meatloaf.

2. Cream Cheese

It’s not uncommon to complement queso with salsa, especially when devouring a tower of nachos. But most people have yet to combine the salsa concept with the one item that the culinary scene of Philadelphia put on the map – cream cheese! The soft and mild taste of cream cheese lends itself exquisitely to the acidic and tangy taste of salsa. Simply heat up a soft container of your favorite cream cheese, scoop the contents into a bowl, pour in an equal serving of salsa, and stir. The result is an amazing dip made for game-day tortilla chips or a unique topping for your favorite chicken dish.

3. Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a classic U.S. and Canada comfort food. Initially, many may be averse to tampering with a basic recipe that already works so well. However, when you consider how many contemporary foodtrucks and trendy brick & mortar eateries have experimented with this quick-fix handheld meal you have to admit that grilled cheese has come a long way, and for the better. Add your own unique twist to your grilled cheese by adding a subtle layer of salsa! Simply prepare each side of your sandwich, with a layer of cheese on each, spreading a hefty tablespoon of salsa on one side, ad place the non-salsa side on top of the other. Proceed to grill the sandwich in a lightly-buttered pan, flipping for evenly grilled consistency, and slide it from your spatula to your plate. The salsa adds a zip of flavor and texture that will have you redefining all that a grilled cheese can be.

4. Shrimp Cocktail

Put a twist on your Shrimp Cocktail before inviting guests over for your next cocktail party. Set aside the standard cocktail or Marie-rose sauce and use a high-quality salsa instead. You’ll find that the salsa works just as well as a “room temperature” sauce that maintains its flavor and consistency through the duration of your afternoon or evening affair.

5. Deviled Eggs

Add a little more fire and decorative flare to the deviled eggs on your h’ordeuvres platter. A thick and hot variety of salsa is perfectly suited to the deviled eggs concept and is an easy last-minute addition to make before serving your guests. A simple half-teaspoon dollop will do, and will make a lasting impact of the palates of all who take a bite.

We hope we’ve provided you with some fun inspiration for your next family meal or hosted social gathering. It should be noted that all of the above culinary “experiments” will only work if you use the highest quality salsas available to you. If you reside within, or are visiting the Greater Vancouver area you will want to pay a visit to El Comal and select one of our premium salsas, found here.