5 Other Ways to Eat Guacamole

Other Ways to Eat Guacamole

Good ol’ guacamole. This avocado based concoction has been around since its inception during the Aztec era in Mexico, finding its way onto the tables of practically every restaurant in North America today, sidling orders of nachos and other handheld Mexican or Tex-Mex bites. Noted for its creamy texture, rich taste, and health benefits this dip is surprisingly underestimated in its capacity to complement so many other dishes. Last month we delivered an article on alternative ways to eat salsa so to follow up today we take a look at unanticipated uses for one of North America’s other favorite condiments.

5 Ways to Eat Guacamole that You May Not Have Anticipated

1. Forget the Butter, Spread Guacamole on Your Toast

This one falls under the keep it simple category yet as with many dishes, it is this very simplicity that makes it oh so perfect. Simply toast your favorite slice of bread, open the fridge, and reach for your container of guacamole instead of butter or margarine. Scoop out a healthy dollop and evenly spread it across your lightly toasted slices, watch is gently melt on the warm crumbed surface and prepare to be blown away. This one makes for a great quick breakfast bite or snack for those on the go.

2. Create the Ultimate Stuffed Baked Potatoes

If you’ve come across this article near the date of its publishing then you know it’s BBQ season. One of the best BBQ sides around are fully-loaded baked potatoes. Break tradition and leave the sour cream out of the equation by using guacamole in its place. Split and “hollow out” your potatoes and add your favorite ingredients, including a modest scoop of guacamole (which bakes well too) and proceed to bake them on the BBQ. Then, when hot and ready, take them off and top each potato with a less-modest serving of guacamole, in place of the aforementioned sour cream. Your guests will deem you a BBQ master based upon this side dish alone.

3. Homemade (and Healthy!) Vegetarian Tacos

We don’t need to depart from Mexican food altogether to deliver an alternative use for guacamole. When it comes to making authentic Mexican tacos at home, many dietary-restricted people are at a loss for what to fill their soft shells with to create a tasty and filling vegetarian taco. The result is often a bland stuffing of lettuce and cheese. This is where guacamole comes to the rescue as the perfect filling for authentic Mexican vegetarian tacos, ones that are hunger-pang satisfying and packed full of good fats. You’ll find that the guacamole also keeps the tacos together perfectly, without losing half of your filling on your plate (or dining room floor).

4. Forget the Cheddar, Guacamole Makes Burgers Better

To be fair, it is not all that uncommon to find a burger at some contemporary restaurants offering guacamole (or simply sliced avocado) as a spread. However, you may not have anticipated asking for it as a tasty and healthier alternative to cheddar cheese which is more often than not the main middle ground found keeping your ground-beef patties and bookending buns together. Ask your server to swap out the gooey cheese in place of their fresh guacamole and you’ll redefine what a hearty (and flavorful) burger can be.

5. Relish is Passé, Guacamole is Your Hot Dog Dream Come True

Hot dogs may not be the healthiest choice but if you must have one (and to be honest, we must from time to time) why not find a creative and healthier way to enjoy one? Relish is full of sodium, and too darn sloppy, sliding the rest of your hot dog’s condiments and stuffing (onions, peppers, etc.) from within the constraints of the bun and onto your favorite shirt. By pulling the old guacamole-for-relish switcheroo you will make your wildest hot dog dreams come true. So good.

Stay tuned as our blog continues to redefine everything you thought you knew about Mexican food and  its side servings!