Top 3 Mexican New Year’s Food Ideas

Mexican New Years Food

If you’ve been following our blog all month then you know we’ve been delivering our readers with culinary tips and ideas to make the most of their Mexican themed holiday festivities. With NYE around the corner we thought we’d provide you all within another helping hand, from kitchen to table, to ensure that your New Year’s celebrations (with a Mexican twist) are a success. Below are three popular dishes that will have your guests raving about your year ending/beginning feast.

3 Mexican Dishes That Will Go Great With Your New Year’s Celebrations

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Best Mexican Desserts, Sweets, and Treats for Christmas


Christmas week is here! This is the final stretch where you prepare your treats, be they for arriving guests or to bring along with you on invited gatherings. Whether you come from a traditional Mexican home or you are hoping to add a unique cultural twist to your desserts and sweet-tooth offerings we’ve got you covered. Read further for a gander at our top three recommended Christmas goodies.

3 Essential Desserts and Goodies to Complete Your Mexican Christmas

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Popular Mexican Dishes for Christmas and the Holiday Season

Popular Mexican Dishes for Christmas

The holidays are here. Households across the city are putting up decorations and hitting the malls to check items off of the wish lists of friends and family. We even put together our own checklist to help you prepare for your own Mexican themed holiday parties this year. With those elements and ingredients out of the way, we’re following up by narrowing down some popular Mexican dishes known to ring in the Christmas season. We’ve taken these recommendations a step further, by adding a little holiday fun to the mix.

3 Authentic Mexican Dishes for You to Serve at Your Holiday Season Dinner Parties

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Your Mexican Party Shopping List for the Holiday Season

Mexican Themed Christmas Party Shopping List

It’s hard to believe that the end of November is near. Pretty soon the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will air as even local Vancouverites gather around the tube to take in the official/unofficial launch of the holiday season. Decorations will go up soon and plans will be made for all sorts of seasonal festivities in the Lower Mainland, your home included.

As the latin-american cultural influence continues to spill over into local area affairs (for those of all walks of life) many of you are considering a Mexican theme for one or more of your seasonal gatherings. In order to help you prepare for the days/weeks to come we have put together a simple yet useful shopping list so that you stay ahead of the “game” and deliver your guests the ultimate holiday experience.

10 Essential Items for a Successful Mexican Themed Christmas / Holiday Season Party

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Other Uses for Corn Tortillas – 5 Easy Ideas

Other Uses for Corn Tortillas

Corn table tortillas have long been a staple in Mexican kitchens. Now that the rest of North America has caught up and realized that corn tortillas are far superior to the flour alternative they are found in the pantries of more households than ever before.

It is fantastic that everyone gets to experience all that authentic tacos, taquitos, and tostadas should be. However, like with any popular household food your bulk purchase may have left you with far more corn tortillas that you anticipated needing. You also may have had your fill of tacos/taquitos/tostadas (if such a thing is possible?) for the month but do not want to stick the tortillas in the freezer. Thankfully, there are quick and easy alternatives that will allow you to enjoy this tasty Mexican mainstay without wasting one single circle.

5 Easy Alternative Ways to Use Your Leftover Corn Tortillas

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Mexican Food for Halloween – Fun Ideas for Your Celebration

Mexican Food Ideas for Halloween

Halloween in Mexico may be overshadowed by Día de Muertos, but it is still a well-celebrated family affair in the country, especially in modern times. Taking a geographic leap, the Mexican culinary culture has become so prevalent in the U.S. and Canada today that many households and party planners are incorporating the theme into their Halloween festivities. Are you considering the same? Great! Read further to find out how you can add some Mexican flare to your All Hallow’s Eve this season.

5 Fun Mexican Food Concepts to Help You Celebrate Halloween

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Best Mexican Snacks for Your Movie Night

Best Mexican Snacks for Your Movie Night

The annual Vancouver Latin American Film Festival of 2015 concluded two weeks ago. The VLAFF is a celebration of contemporary Latin-American/Latin-Canadian filmmaking, and one that encourages an open dialogue among the varying cultures in the Lower Mainland. The Mexican representation at the festival was stellar, and local audiences are already eagerly anticipating its return next year. If you haven’t attended in the past, be sure to mark your calendars.

The VLAFF sparked the idea for this week’s blog post, which is why we bring it up (in case you were wondering). Now that autumn has arrived, many of you will be spending more time entertaining indoors, with “movie night” being a big draw for you and your friends and family. Traditionally, movie night gatherings include the North American staples of popcorn, potato chips, a bowl of M&Ms, and carbonated beverages. Nothing wrong with that. However, when it’s time for you to play host, surprise your home theater attendees with a culinary twist – go Mexican with your movie night snackathon.

4 Mexican Snack Ideas for Movie Night at Home

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3 Authentic Mexican Appetizers

Authentic Mexican Appetizers

Whether you call them appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, or el aperitivo, starters are essential to any diner party. In many affairs they are the main event themselves. The keys to a successful appetizer menu are convenience, presentation, and flavor, of course. One of the most popular regional twists on a more traditional diner party appetizer offering is Mexican. We’re not talking about the Tex-Mex variety you find frozen and pre-packaged at your local big box retail grocer. Instead, we are pointing you in the right direction, towards authentic Mexican bites that serve as a perfect introduction to your entree or potluck gathering.

3 Popular and Easy to Make Mexican Appetizers

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3 Other Uses for Chili Peppers

Other Uses for Chili Peppers

Chilis play an integral part in authentic Mexican recipes and cuisine. That’s not exactly a family secret. However, part of the fun we have here at our Mexican food store and deli in Greater Vancouver is spent talking to our customers and readers about alternative ways to look at popular ingredients used in traditional dishes. Food should not be constrained by geography or by history.

In the past we have written about other ways to eat guacamole and other foods to eat with salsa and have received some very positive feedback. Today, we look at yet another famous Mexican ingredient, and apply a few twists.

3 Alternative Ways to Cook with and Eat Chilies

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Mexican Food Ideas for a Birthday Party

Mexican Food Themed Birthday Party

When it comes to planning the dining portion of a birthday party one of the most popular foods served at a celebration is Mexican. From appetizers to the main-course to desserts and finger-foods Mexican cuisine is a favorite for all-ages, no matter if the birthday boy or girl is turning 6 or 60.

When selecting your menu you’ll want to impress guests by keeping things completely authentic, which means scrapping the Tex-Mex and opting for the real deal. Below we detail a few Mexican fiesta food concepts to add flavor to your birthday party dining experience.

Recommended Mexican Dishes for Birthday Celebrations

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