Best Mexican Snacks for Your Movie Night

Best Mexican Snacks for Your Movie Night

The annual Vancouver Latin American Film Festival of 2015 concluded two weeks ago. The VLAFF is a celebration of contemporary Latin-American/Latin-Canadian filmmaking, and one that encourages an open dialogue among the varying cultures in the Lower Mainland. The Mexican representation at the festival was stellar, and local audiences are already eagerly anticipating its return next year. If you haven’t attended in the past, be sure to mark your calendars.

The VLAFF sparked the idea for this week’s blog post, which is why we bring it up (in case you were wondering). Now that autumn has arrived, many of you will be spending more time entertaining indoors, with “movie night” being a big draw for you and your friends and family. Traditionally, movie night gatherings include the North American staples of popcorn, potato chips, a bowl of M&Ms, and carbonated beverages. Nothing wrong with that. However, when it’s time for you to play host, surprise your home theater attendees with a culinary twist – go Mexican with your movie night snackathon.

4 Mexican Snack Ideas for Movie Night at Home

1. Swap the Popcorn for Authentic Nachos

Nachos are much more filling and fulfilling that popcorn, especially when you use authentic corn tortilla chips from an authentic retailer and not the watered down (and over-seasoned) varieties doled out by big brands at big box shops. While there are many amazing recipes that can turn a plate of nachos into a feast, you will want to keep it simple for movie night for your own convenience and for the sake of your sofa (who wants pulled pork falling unnoticed in your dim lit living room?). Serve movie night nachos as Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya (the inventor) intended them to be when he dubbed them Nacho’s Especiales. Serve crisp corn tortilla chips topped by Queso and sliced pickled jalapeño peppers. In addition to serving a much tastier alternative, you help all avoid those pesky popcorn kernels that get stuck in their teeth.

2. Trade the Potato Chips and Dip for Tortilla Chips and Fresh Salsa/Guacamole

Set aside a second bag of crisp corn tortilla chips after you’ve prepared your Nacho’s Especiales. You can also use corn chip shells. Then, surprise guests by serving your own homemade guacamole using the recipe found here. Add a bowl of Red Salsa with Character (medium heat) and you’re all set. Leave the sour cream & onion and salt & vinegar on the grocery store shelf with the pretzels.

3. Move Over the M&Ms and Replace them with Authentic Mexican Candy

Ramp up the Mexican snack themed movie night by putting out a bowl of piñata-worthy Mexican candies. Traditional goodies such as Pica Fresa, Pulparindo, and Rellerindos make for great little bites to occupy sweet-teeth during a celluloid marathon. Other popular Mexican candies are addressed here and here.

4. End the Carbonated Beverage Wars Once and For All

Put the Coke vs Pepsi product debate to rest on your next coming movie night. All you have to do is Google “best Mexican soda” to know where we’re going with this. When it comes to choosing your bubbly you do yourself, family, and guests a great service by twisting the tops on Jarritos – everyone’s favorite fruit (real fruit) flavored Mexican sodas.

Before your next movie night (Greater Vancouver residents) be sure to stop by our Mexican food store to stock up on your home theater concession needs.