Celebrating Mexican Food in Vancouver – Latin American Week’s Carnaval del Sol 2015 Recap

Mexican Food in Vancouver at Carnaval del Sol

A cloudy day didn’t prevent this event from becoming a big success

Just over a week ago Greater Vancouver rang in Latin American Week with Carnival del Sol 2015, along the False Creek waterfront near Telus World of Science. For those that don’t know about Carnival del Sol, the festival’s aim is to recreate the Latin American fiesta experience for those residing within and visiting the Lower Mainland of BC. Practically all Latin American cultures are represented at the festival, blending a cultural mix of music, dance, arts & crafts, and the highlight – food! The annual event intends to ensure that all citizens and visitors experience authentic Hispanic culture at its best.

El Comal has been so busy at our shop and deli, taking care of patrons and filling customer orders that we were not able to set up an official tent at the event, but we did send a representative out in the field to explore (and enjoy!) the festival firsthand and to note the Mexican influence on the affair. Tough gig, right? Below are a few fun photos, complete with captions, of the 2015 Carnaval del Sol.

Visual Highlights from Latin American Week’s Carnaval del Sol in Vancouver

Mexican Food in Vancouver BC

The Mexican flag was flying proud at Carnaval del Sol, attracting hoards of hungry attendees to makeshift tabletop kitchens and food trucks for a bite of Mexican cuisine, snacks, and beverages.

Tacos in Vancouver

The most popular food at the event (if we’re judging by line-ups w/no less than 20 minute wait times) was authentic Mexican tacos, complete with corn flour tortillas.

Keys to the Streets at Carnaval del Sol

And of course there was music. Keys to the Streets displayed one of their outdoor exhibit pianos for kids and grown-ups alike to play during the festival. This one certainly matched the colourful cultures of Mexico and all of Latin America.

Carnaval del Sol 2015 Salsa Dancing

There could be no music at a Latin American festival without dancing, and there was lots of it up front and center and on the stage.

Mexican Churros in Vancouver BC

After all of that dancing attendees deserved a special treat, in the form of authentic Mexican churros. There was quite the line-up at this stand (as well) as the wafting scent of the famed Mexican pastry drew hungry visitors into its fold.

Mexican Candy in Vancouver

You could not leave without loading up a goodie bag of authentic Mexican candy. All of the childhood-memory essentials were on deck, including Paleton, Vero Mango, Aldama, Pica Fresa, Pelon Pelo Rico, and Dela Rosa Mazapan. Not a single sweet tooth left un-satiated upon the conclusion of Carnaval del Sol.

Did you miss of Latin American Week’s Carnaval del Sol? Did you attend and long for that feeling to return? Come enjoy the authentic atmosphere (and pick up some food and beverages) at El Comal – Greater Vancouver’s great escape for all thing related to Mexican food in the Lower Mainland of BC.