Other Uses for Corn Tortillas – 5 Easy Ideas

Other Uses for Corn Tortillas

Corn table tortillas have long been a staple in Mexican kitchens. Now that the rest of North America has caught up and realized that corn tortillas are far superior to the flour alternative they are found in the pantries of more households than ever before.

It is fantastic that everyone gets to experience all that authentic tacos, taquitos, and tostadas should be. However, like with any popular household food your bulk purchase may have left you with far more corn tortillas that you anticipated needing. You also may have had your fill of tacos/taquitos/tostadas (if such a thing is possible?) for the month but do not want to stick the tortillas in the freezer. Thankfully, there are quick and easy alternatives that will allow you to enjoy this tasty Mexican mainstay without wasting one single circle.

5 Easy Alternative Ways to Use Your Leftover Corn Tortillas

1. Breakfast Tacos

We didn’t say that you should ignore the taco concept altogether, right? This option is a departure from the original taco and can serve as a great way to chip away at your leftover corn tortillas.  Skip the loaf a bread and instead serve breakfast using corn tortillas. Stuff them with scrambled egg, peppers, cheese, and your choice of meat. Bacon may be the most common option but if you want to add a bit of a kick use chorizo instead. The only side effect here is that once the word gets out neighbors may begin to “pop in” unexpectedly in the early AM. Better put on an extra pot of coffee!

2. Migas

Extremely popular in the southern U.S. states of Texas and New Mexico and trickling throughout the entire continent are migas. Migas was literally born from the affordable necessity to repurpose corn tortillas and also serves well at breakfast. This  traditional dish consists of corn tortilla strips fried on a pan until nearly crispy, with scrambled egg, peppers, and spices added to the mixture. The great part about migas is that you can make them your own by throwing in other leftover ingredients (cheese, onions, etc.) that you feel will suit the tastes of your household’s palates.

3. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles are quite similar to migas, and are often confused as such to the untrained eye. However, this traditional Mexican dish which also makes use of corn tortilla leftovers will have you buying in bulk time and time again, looking for any reason to add it to your weekly diet. Cut corn tortillas into quarters and lightly fry them. Pour salsa or mole sauce on top of the crisp tortilla triangles, or totopos. Simmer the mixture until the crisp tortilla begins to soften, remove, and garnish with prepared Mexican cream and shredded Mexican cheese, raw diced onion, and avocado. Chilaquiles can be served with other favorites (refried beans, eggs, pulled pork/chicken, guacamole, etc.) or eaten on their own.

4. Mexican Lasagna

Your family will devour this twist on a traditional lasagna. Take your favorite lasagna recipe and flip the script by substituting lasagna pasta strips with layered corn tortillas. For an added Mexican kick add a layer of refried beans and any other Mexican food item or spice that catches your fancy. This dish will leave you rethinking everything that you thought you knew about lasagna.

5. Corn Tortilla Crepes

We’ve given you breakfast/brunch, lunch, appetizer, and dinner options for your leftover corn tortillas so now comes the dessert. Buck traditional buckwheat flour and use corn tortillas to make your favorite crepes. All that you need to do is warm them in a heartily buttered pan (ensure that the tortillas stays soft on both sides) and add a hefty dollop of your favorite crepe ingredient/s. Cream cheese, cinnamon, honey, fruit, whipped Mexican cream, Nutella, and all of the traditional crepe favorites work amazingly with corn tortilla crepes.

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