Mexican Food Products in Vancouver BC

El Comal White Corn Table Tortillas- Soft

Many tasty and nutritional Mexican dishes – tacos, enchiladas, flautas – start with delicious El Comal Corn Tortillas. We produce a variety of corn tortilla packages suitable for any family size or meal occasion.  Regardless of what the meal occasion, make sure it starts with El Comal Corn Tortillas. And for added enjoyment,  El Comal Corn Tortillas can be enjoyed with your favorite salsa, bean dip or guacamole dip.

1101  White Corn Tortilla 6″ 1 dz/24 pack
1102  White Corn Tortilla 6″  3 dz/12 pack
1103  White Corn Tortilla 6″  5 dz/12 pack
1104  White Corn Tortilla 6″  7.5 dz/12 pack
 1105  White Corn Tortilla 4″  5 dz/12 pack

El Comal Thin Corn Tortilla Strips

Tortilla soup is the best representative of the tortilla strip chips, but can be used in countless dishes such as migas (scrambled eggs, tortilla chips and salsa) and many more.


1146  Tortilla Strip Shell 12 / 50 grms
1110  Thin Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips  6″ 5 dz  / 12 pack
1113  Green Corn Tortilla Chips  6″  5 dz  / 12 pack
1114  Red Corn Tortilla Chips  6″  5 dz  / 12 pack
1115  Red Corn Tortilla Chips  4″  5 dz  / 12 pack

El Comal Corn Tortilla Shells

How about a chicken tostada, or tinga tostada. With Corn Tortilla Shells El Comal options are limitless, you can create any kind of tostada just topping it with your favorite dish or simply use it as a snack.


1121  Tostada Shell Flat 6″ 24/12 pack
1122  Tostada Shell Wavy 6″  24/12 pack
1123  Tostada Shell  4″  24/12 pack

El Comal Corn Chips Shells

Do you have a party? Impress your guests with an unimaginable variety of snacks with Corn Chips Shells El Comal, for example, what about guacamole with tortilla chips, or perhaps the famous jalapeno nachos with lots of cheese or simply red salsa with tortilla chips. mmmmm delicious isn’t it?.

1131 Yellow Corn Chips Salted 454g / 12
1132 Yellow Corn Chips Unsalted  454g / 12
1133 Yellow Maple Leave Chips Salted 454g / 12
1134 Yellow Maple Leave Chips Unsalted  454g / 12
1137 Jalapeño Corn Chips 454g / 12
1138 Jalapeño Maple Leave Corn Chips  454g / 12
1141 Chipotle Corn Chips 454g / 12
1142 Chipotle Maple Leave Corn Chips  454g / 12
1145 Totopos Shell 454g / 12
1146 Tortilla Soup Strip Shell  12 / 50 grms
1147 Tricolour Corn Chips 454g / 12

El Comal Tamales- Various Flavours

Tamal is a traditional Mexican dish made of masa (a starchy dough), which is steamed in a corn husk wrapper. The wrapping is discarded before eating. El Comal Tamales are filled with chicken, beaf, pork, cheese, fruits or vegetables. A delicious snack for lunch time or a complete meal.

2002 Chicken Red Salsa Tamales 12 pieces
2003 Chicken Green Salsa Tamales  12 pieces
2004 Chicken Red Mole Tamales 12 pieces
2005 Beef Tamales 12 pieces
2006 Pork Tamales 12 pieces
2007 Black Beans & Cheese Tamales 12 pieces
2008 Rajas & Cheese Tamales 12 pieces
2009 Vegetarian Tamales 12 pieces
2010 Strawberry & Cream Cheese Tamales 12 pieces
2011 Coconut & Cream Cheese Tamales  12 pieces
2012 Pineapple Tamales 12 pieces

El Comal Sopes

Sopes? A little fried masa cakes and are delicious topped with  meats and veggies of your choice. Sopes make a great appetizer because of their small size.

1130 White corn Sopes (hand made thick tortilla) 6 pieces bag

El Comal Dairy Products

Yes! We have cows too and we make delicious cheese. Try  out our variety of cheeses or our sour cream.  mmm Yummy.


1601 Mexican Cheese Oaxaca, Fresco 1 Kilo
1602  Mexican Cheese Asadero, Cotija 1 Kilo
1603  Mexican Cream  6/250 gr

El Comal Fresh Salsas

Green, red, chipotle, mild, medium or hot, yes we have all of them. Show your personality with our wide variety of fresh made salsa.

Red salsa with Personality  (mild) 6/250 ml
Red Salsa with Character  (medium)  6/250 ml
Red Sals with Attitude  (hot) 6/250 ml
Red salsa with Personality  (mild) 1 lt
Red Salsa with Character  (medium) 1 lt
Red Sals with Attitude  (hot) 1 lt
Chipotle Salsa (hot) 6/250 mlt
Chipotle Salsa (hot) 1 lt
Green Salsa  (Mild) 6/250 mlt
Green Salsa  (Hot)  1 lt
Chile de Arbol (Extra Hot) 6/250 mlt