The Rise of Mexican Cuisine in Vancouver BC

Mexican Cuisine in Vancouver

It wasn’t that long ago that access to authentic Mexican food in the Lower Mainland of BC was, well…inaccessible. There was the odd mom & pop shop dispersed about the region driven solely by word-of-mouth within the local community. However, maintaining such a business proved tricky for many, as public knowledge of these establishments didn’t quite keep up with burgeoning commercial real estate leases. That has changed.

Over the last decade the Mexican community in the Greater Vancouver area has grown, and with it the rise of authentic Mexican cuisine. All of a sudden (it seems) there is a Mexican food spot in practically every neighborhood. There are food trucks, brick and mortar taco stands, and full-fledged fine dining establishments dedicated to the culinary art of real Mexican food. The public is ecstatic. In the past, Lower Mainland residents didn’t know that they could demand authentic Mexican food, but now, with the visible growth in access to our regional delicacies, their demand has not only reared its head, it is downright ravenous. Foodies have taken to social media and spread the word about their favorite spots and their following has followed. Mexican eateries are now the norm, with owners managing successful businesses in the some of the most prime commercial real estate markets in the area. From downtown Vancouver to Burnaby to Whistler our southern (way down south) cuisine has hopped onto the plates and into the hearts of BC’s hungry public.
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