Best Mexican Snacks for Your Movie Night

Best Mexican Snacks for Your Movie Night

The annual Vancouver Latin American Film Festival of 2015 concluded two weeks ago. The VLAFF is a celebration of contemporary Latin-American/Latin-Canadian filmmaking, and one that encourages an open dialogue among the varying cultures in the Lower Mainland. The Mexican representation at the festival was stellar, and local audiences are already eagerly anticipating its return next year. If you haven’t attended in the past, be sure to mark your calendars.

The VLAFF sparked the idea for this week’s blog post, which is why we bring it up (in case you were wondering). Now that autumn has arrived, many of you will be spending more time entertaining indoors, with “movie night” being a big draw for you and your friends and family. Traditionally, movie night gatherings include the North American staples of popcorn, potato chips, a bowl of M&Ms, and carbonated beverages. Nothing wrong with that. However, when it’s time for you to play host, surprise your home theater attendees with a culinary twist – go Mexican with your movie night snackathon.

4 Mexican Snack Ideas for Movie Night at Home

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Mexican Food Ideas for a Birthday Party

Mexican Food Themed Birthday Party

When it comes to planning the dining portion of a birthday party one of the most popular foods served at a celebration is Mexican. From appetizers to the main-course to desserts and finger-foods Mexican cuisine is a favorite for all-ages, no matter if the birthday boy or girl is turning 6 or 60.

When selecting your menu you’ll want to impress guests by keeping things completely authentic, which means scrapping the Tex-Mex and opting for the real deal. Below we detail a few Mexican fiesta food concepts to add flavor to your birthday party dining experience.

Recommended Mexican Dishes for Birthday Celebrations

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