Other Uses for Corn Tortillas – 5 Easy Ideas

Other Uses for Corn Tortillas

Corn table tortillas have long been a staple in Mexican kitchens. Now that the rest of North America has caught up and realized that corn tortillas are far superior to the flour alternative they are found in the pantries of more households than ever before.

It is fantastic that everyone gets to experience all that authentic tacos, taquitos, and tostadas should be. However, like with any popular household food your bulk purchase may have left you with far more corn tortillas that you anticipated needing. You also may have had your fill of tacos/taquitos/tostadas (if such a thing is possible?) for the month but do not want to stick the tortillas in the freezer. Thankfully, there are quick and easy alternatives that will allow you to enjoy this tasty Mexican mainstay without wasting one single circle.

5 Easy Alternative Ways to Use Your Leftover Corn Tortillas

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