5 Common Misconceptions About Mexican Food


One of the most misunderstood international cuisines is Mexican food. If you were to take a random “person on the street” poll in “anytown” Canada/U.S. and inquired about favorite Mexican dishes you’ll hear all sorts of comments about hard-shelled tacos and other items that show up in Old El Paso section of your local grocery chain. It is true that when many people consider Mexican food they are conjuring an image of a hybrid that has taken authenticity and watered it down as generations have become exposed to fast food chains and their Frankenstein-esque creations. To be fair, this happens to pretty much all international foods when they make landfall in Western civilization and there have been some delicious results because of it. That being said, it is important to note the difference between what is and what isn’t inherently Mexican food, while dismissing misnomers regarding one of the most popular regional cuisines in the world. As an authority on the topic we thought we’d provide those of you with a hunger for culinary knowledge with some insight into Mexican food by addressing its key misconceptions.

Five Misinterpretations of Authentic Mexican Cuisine

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