Your Mexican Party Shopping List for the Holiday Season

Mexican Themed Christmas Party Shopping List

It’s hard to believe that the end of November is near. Pretty soon the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will air as even local Vancouverites gather around the tube to take in the official/unofficial launch of the holiday season. Decorations will go up soon and plans will be made for all sorts of seasonal festivities in the Lower Mainland, your home included.

As the latin-american cultural influence continues to spill over into local area affairs (for those of all walks of life) many of you are considering a Mexican theme for one or more of your seasonal gatherings. In order to help you prepare for the days/weeks to come we have put together a simple yet useful shopping list so that you stay ahead of the “game” and deliver your guests the ultimate holiday experience.

10 Essential Items for a Successful Mexican Themed Christmas / Holiday Season Party

1. Red & Green Corn Tortilla Chips and Strips 

No Mexican themed holiday party can go down without serving tortilla chips. Whether you serve a traditional plate of authentic nachos or get creative and build a crispy edible Christmas tree you’ll want to do so with green and red variety corn tortilla chips. If the party includes a full course meal it’s a good idea to grab some strips to make a delectable tortilla soup as an appetizer.

2. Soft Corn Table Tortillas

Guests to any Mexican themed Christmas party will expect authentic tacos. You may as well satisfy their holiday hunger pangs. Hit your local Mexican food store and pick up a few dozen white corn table tortillas. Don’t worry if you have any leftover, as there other great uses for leftover corn tortillas (click here) that can carry you an your family through the remainder of the season.

3. Corn Husk Tamale Wrappers or Pre-Made Tamales

Tamales are another popular Mexican dish served during the holidays. The corn husk wrapping gives them a festive appearance and will look great on your serving table. Pick up a couple dozen (leaving room for error if you’re inexperienced in the wrapping process) corn husk wrappers if you plan on making tamales from scratch OR buy pre-made tamales.

4. Mexican Cheese/s

Of course, none of the above can be properly served without a fridge compartment full of Mexican cheese. From snacks and appetizers to the main course and even desserts cheese will be a key ingredient to the culinary portion of your Mexican themed holiday party. Pick up some Oaxaca Fresco and/or Asadero Cotija.

5. Seasonal Salsas and Guacamole

The great thing about salsa and guacamole (aside from being necessary condiments for this concept) is that given their fresh bright red and green tones they are natural edible Christmas decorations for your serving table – a tasty win win situation.

6. Seasonal Mexican Baked Goodies

The holidays are also ripe with baked goodies. For your party, have festive platters decorated with sweet baked goods such as Mexican wedding cookies, churros, pan dulce, pastel de tres leches, marranitos (pig-shaped gingerbread cookies, essentially), and mini-Mexican chocolate cakes to name a few.

7. Popular Mexican Spirits and Libations

Be sure to have plenty of tequila on deck for your holiday party, not just for festive shots, but for creative cocktails too. Margaritas are a given, but your guests will really be blown away when you switch out traditional rum for tequila and eggnog which goes extremely well together. For younger guests or those getting behind the wheel you’ll want to have a fridge corner full of red (Strawberry, Jamaica, Fruit Punch) and green (Grapefruit, Lime) Jarritos.

8. Mexican Patterned Wrapping for Guest Gifts

If your Mexican party guests are parting with gifts in tow you’ll want to present them accordingly. Find (visit a local craft shop or go online) gift wrapping and bags with traditional Mexican patterns and color combinations. Guests will appreciate the extra special touch.

9. Contemporary and Traditional Mexican Christmas Decorations

With the Mexican culture influence getting bigger and bigger in all major metropolises finding decorations that give a fun nod to Mexican culture will not be too challenging. In addition, take to social shopping and sharing sites such as Etsy or Pinterest to help with your hunt or for inspiration should you decide to get crafty yourself.

10. Traditional Mexican Christmas Piñata/s

The final touch or star on top of the tree (so to speak) for any proper Mexican Christmas party is to decorate with traditional Mexican Christmas piñatas. These star shaped and stuffed decorations look amazing AND can serve as a fun party game for you and your guests to partake in.

There you have it – everything that you need to pull off a successful Mexican themed holiday party. Local Greater Vancouver residents are more than welcome to contact our Mexican food store at 604-420-1327 anytime to inquire about the culinary items listed above, or simply come on down to our Burnaby area location at your convenience – we’re happy to have you!